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The Importance of Steel Space Frame Structure Accessories


The connection part of the steel space frame plays a very important role in the whole construction process especially the quality and performance of the products during the implementation of the project. At the same time, it is also conducive to the use of post-formed buildings. The performance of the steel grid has high requirements, so how about the corrosion resistance of the connection part of the steel space frame?

Durable products, such as space frames, space frame accessories, etc., performance must meet certain technical requirements, and the anti-corrosion performance of the grille treatment must be better. For manufacturers, it is necessary to continuously improve the technology to meet the performance requirements of the current construction. In fact, the anti-corrosion performance of grille accessories is not very good, so protective measures should be taken during production and use to reduce product corrosion, protect the overall layout of grille products, and ensure the durability of grille products. Grid accessories require many technical links in the production process. Production workers must ensure the superior performance of the product during production and processing. space frame processing can improve its corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and hardness, and ensure that the products are qualified. If inferior products enter the market, it will bring huge safety risks. Product quality is the source of power for the sustainable development of every manufacturer, and mesh accessories guarantee every qualified product.