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How to decide the quotation of steel structure space frame carport


Today’s residential, industrial, and commercial areas are designed to prevent our vehicles from being exposed to rain and other climatic problems. Most builders build steel space frame carports.

So what are the factors we usually consider when quoting for steel space frame carports?SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Company is here to explain to you.

  1. It is more obvious that the price of steel carport and the area we build has a very important connection, which I believe we know without speaking.
  2. When we build, the span and height of the steel structure carport, also affects our quotation, especially if we have to use the equipment when building, then the size of this equipment, the number of hours of work per day, these all affect the price.

3.Of course, there is also the steel structure carport in the use of materials, the quality of the materials used, and the price is related.

As the use of steel structure space frame carports is now increasing, so many people have started to use this kind of building roof, then we need to know the price we spend after we build it, so that we can know if it is reasonable when we build it.