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The characteristics of the stadium stand roof canopy membrane structure


Membrane structure stadium stand roof canopy can well cover the entire stand. The tension style of the membrane structure makes the space span of the building large, while reducing the structure of the building and the overall weight of the building, which is easy and safe to construct. These are also important reasons why the membrane structure is chosen by people. The surface of the membrane material is coated, which is to prevent the erosion of dust and rain, and to protect the membrane structure and improve the service life.

Membrane structure is a new type of material, which is artistic, economical, thermal insulation, self-cleaning, fireproof, sound-absorbing and light-transmitting. The use of membrane structure in stadium stands can better reflect this feature of membrane structure. Compared with the traditional stands, the stadium stand membrane structure has the characteristics of beautiful shape, large space span, light weight and long service life.

The stadium stands are beautiful in appearance and have a large space span. It better reflects the advantages of the space span of the membrane structure building, and the construction period is short.The characteristics of membrane structures have attracted more and more attention, and because of this, more and more structural designs are using membrane structures to replace traditional concrete buildings.