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How to make steel structure canopy project


The steel structure canopy is a kind of engineering facility used to keep out rain and high-altitude falling objects. It is mainly located at the entrance and exit of buildings. With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for steel structure canopies is also increasing. The safe and beautiful canopies we usually see are inseparable from rigorous production methods.

How is the steel structure space frame canopy made? The main points are as follows:

  1. Drilling installation. The embedded parts are required to be correctly positioned and firmly embedded.  
  2. Welding shrinkage and processing allowance should be reserved when setting out and numbering materials, processing preparation and blanking: stake out according to the construction drawing, and make a model according to the stakeout.
  3. It is necessary to check the welding nodes, hanging arm installation welding.

The steel structure canopy should not only bear its own gravity, but also bear the wind load and snow load etc, the root members of the canopy are subject to a large shear force, so the deformation observation of the canopy must meet the design and specification requirements.

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