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Integral tensioning construction method for large span steel structure workshop


The overall tensile construction method of large-span steel structure workshop is suitable for flexible structures, especially cable-rod structures and cable-net structures. For the construction of the cable structure, the traditional construction method generally adopts the high-altitude bulk method, which requires the erection of a large number of temporary supports, and there are many high-altitude operations, which have great potential safety hazards.

The whole tension construction method of large-span steel structure is to assemble the cable structure as a whole on the ground, and then use hydraulic jacks to synchronously lift the cable structure to connect with the surrounding rigid constraints, and then perform the overall tension forming of the entire structure. This method avoids the potential safety hazards of high-altitude operations, and reduces the installation and dismantling of a large number of temporary supports, thereby saving time and reduce costs. More importantly, it can accurately and effectively control the displacement, deformation and stress state of the rod in the whole process of lifting.

A steel structure factory, no matter which construction method is used, is determined according to the factors on the site, and the engineer will determine the appropriate scheme according to the site.