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How to solve the problem of colliding with columns when lifting the space frame as a whole


The steel space frame is installed using the high-altitude assembly method. First, assembly supports are erected at the designated locations. Then, with the help of a crane, space frame components are hoisted in sections (or blocks) to their designated positions in the air, where they are assembled on the supports.

Steel space frame lifting

To prevent interference during the overall elevation of the space frame with the columns, the offset distance depends on the net clearance between the space frame and the columns or column legs during the elevation process. Generally, it should not be less than 10 to 1125px. Additionally, considerations are made for the convenience of space frame assembly and the crane’s operation during aerial movement.

When the space frame is relatively lightweight, or when the lifting capacities of four cranes meet the requirements, it is advisable to position four cranes on either side of the space frame. In this way, the space frame’s aerial movement requirements are met by having all four cranes rotate simultaneously. The key to using multiple cranes lies in maintaining consistent lifting speeds among them to avoid overloading and twisting of the space frame, leading to weld seam cracks.

Welders on the construction site, responsible for welding the steel pipes, must undergo an evaluation of the full-position welding process for welding ball joints to connect with steel pipes. They can only participate in the construction after passing the welding test.

The choice of the load points should align with the structural loading conditions of the space frame or meet the requirements of structural analysis for the members. The large reaction forces at the suspension points should be less than the load capacity of the lifting equipment, and the load on each lifting device should be approximately equal.

For welding junctions in the space frame, all weld seams should undergo visual inspection and proper documentation.

A grid structure is a space structure composed of multiple members connected at nodes in a regular geometric pattern. It takes full advantage of the three-dimensional space and provides a more direct load path, making it particularly suitable for large-span buildings.