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How to Use a Rust Remover Machine in the Construction Process of a Steel Structural Space Frame


During the construction process of steel structure space frame, rust removal is a crucial step before the installation of these frame. Construction workers need to apply paint for corrosion prevention, but prior to painting, the steel space frame components must undergo a substantial rust removal process. This is because no corners can be overlooked, as it could compromise the corrosion resistance of the space frame. Here, XuZhou SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. provides instructions for operating rust removal machines:

Steel structure space frame construction

  1. Cooperative Operation: When dealing with long pipe sections that require rust removal, it is essential to have two people working together, ensuring smooth and coordinated operations.
  2. Safety Measures: When operating the rust removal machine, operators should wear dust masks, safety goggles, and gloves. Additionally, they should be in appropriate work attire, wear safety helmets, slip-resistant shoes, and ensure proper ventilation in the work area.
  3. Equipment Inspection: Before starting the rust removal process, carefully inspect the machine components. Check if the fastening bolts of the steel wire brushes are secure, if the transmission parts are well-lubricated, and if the enclosed protective cover and dust collection equipment are in good condition. Prior to commencing rust removal, ensure that all components of the rust removal machine, such as power cables, switches, and motors, are in proper working order to guarantee the equipment’s smooth operation.
  4. Operating Considerations: Rust removal should be conducted after the pipe sections have been straightened. Hooks or bent steel bars should not be subjected to the rust removal machine. When operating, ensure that the steel bar is held flat and secure. Operators should stand to the side of the steel wire brush or sandblaster, strictly avoiding standing in front of the rust removal machine. During the rust removal process, attempt to maintain a certain angle between the rust removal machine and the steel pipe’s surface to improve rust removal effectiveness. Additionally, operators should avoid extended dwell times in one area to prevent excessive wear on the steel pipe’s surface.
  5. Equipment Maintenance: After each use, promptly clean the dust and debris from the rust removal machine and perform regular equipment maintenance and repairs to extend its lifespan.

These are the detailed steps for using a rust removal machine during the construction process of steel structure space frame. The utilization of a rust removal machine is a critical step in steel structure space frame construction. Firstly, two individuals should cooperate to ensure smooth operations. Secondly, operators must wear appropriate protective gear, including dust masks, safety goggles, and gloves. Before commencing work, inspect all components of the rust removal machine for proper functioning. During the operation, maintain an angle between the machine and the steel pipe’s surface, and avoid prolonged dwell times in one area. Finally, after usage, clean the equipment promptly and perform regular maintenance and repairs to prolong its operational life. These steps ensure efficient rust removal and extend the machine’s lifespan.