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Importance of space frame steel structure inspection work


Space frame steel structure is widely used in building roofs, but many people don’t realize the necessity of space frame steel structure building inspection and maintenance, which results in many building roofs not reaching the expected goals in terms of usage period, which seriously affects the economic returns. Therefore, space frame manufacturers take us to understand the importance of its inspection work.

1.Space frame steel structure inspection can reduce the risk of engineering building safety

For example, industrial plants, greenhouse greenhouses, exhibition halls, waiting halls, etc. are generally all steel structure space frame structure, this kind of building, if it has been in service for 10-20 years, its load-bearing capacity, reliability is in decline, there are many safety risks. Therefore, for the steel structure building that has been used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out all-round quality inspection of the steel frame structure in order to determine its overall performance and formulate corresponding maintenance plan according to the inspection conclusion, which can reasonably reduce the safety risk of the project building.

2.Space frame steel structure inspection can improve the performance of the project building application

Steel structure buildings are generally more complex, assembled by several stainless steel plates according to arc welding and other methods, special attention must be paid and will produce more problems. For this connection function steel structure inspection technology can ensure the quality of raw materials, welding connection quality, and so on, and then to ensure the overall performance of the project building.

3.Space frame steel structure inspection to reduce the construction period of the project and improve economic returns

Carrying out steel structure inspection on time can deal with the problems and solve the problems in time, and basically, in seeing the good things, clearly put forward the enhancement suggestions for the key links to reduce the construction period of the project to a larger extent and enhance the economic returns.

space frame structure inspection work

In a word, it is very necessary to strengthen steel structure inspection, which is not only beneficial to promote the reasonable development trend of the world’s building construction, but also can complete the improvement of the overall structural characteristics of the construction industry. Therefore, we need to accelerate the steel structure inspection technology and its application, so as to facilitate the faster promotion of the overall development level of the world’s building construction.

It is also an irreversible objective reality that the role of steel frame structures will slowly become weaker under the long-term two-way interference of environmental and application conditions. If the periodicity and level of such destruction can be reasonably assessed, and appropriate countermeasures can be taken immediately, then the process of structural damage can be delayed, and the purpose of increasing the service life of the structure can be achieved.