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Introduction of steel structure space frame badminton court roof


In recent years, we have all paid more and more attention to our own health. With it, more people participate in sports, so more places like steel structure badminton stadiums need to be built.

Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of injuries during exercise, we can choose more formal venues for exercise when we are exercising.

So there are so many types of venues, why steel structure badminton venues are popular with everyone, let me tell you about it here.

First of all, the material used in this building is steel structure, and steel is relatively reliable in the process of use, and because of its good impact resistance, it can also meet our needs.

Secondly, when this raw material is produced, it is produced by the factory in a unified manner, so the quality difference can be reduced, and the installation can be faster.

However, when we install, we must also pay attention to some problems. For example, steel is easy to rust after a period of use. Therefore, in order to reduce the rust of the steel structure badminton court during use, it is necessary to do some anti-rust treatment on the steel structure.