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Introduction to Anticorrosion of Steel Structure Space Frame of Swimming Pool Roofing


Indoor swimming pools and water world parks usually use steel structure space frame. Because the indoor environment is relatively closed, the indoor air flow is poor, and the indoor air is not easily emitted. At the same time, the indoor environment is relatively humid, and indoor venues with hot spring pools have high indoor air temperature, higher humidity, and rapid evaporation of water vapor. In order to meet the water quality and hygiene standards, the pool water in the pool must be sterilized and disinfected. The pool water needs to be treated with liquid chlorine. After the liquid chlorine reacts with the pool water, a large amount of chlorine gas will be emitted from the indoor air. When they meet water vapor, they will form a strong acid gas, which has a strong corrosive effect on the steel structural parts in the room. In this way, the corrosion degree of steel structural parts in indoor swimming pools and water world parks is much greater than that of steel structural parts in other indoor buildings (factories, other types of sports venues).

If the supporting system of the surface coating of the steel structure is unscientific, the thickness of the coating is thin, the type and quality of the selected coating are unreasonable, and the anti-corrosion life of the steel structure will be greatly shortened. Therefore, heavy-duty anti-corrosion and scientifically designed coating supporting system must be carried out for the steel structure in the swimming environment. And choose high-quality coatings to ensure the long life of steel structural components and the long-term normal operation of swimming venues, bringing long-term economic benefits to swimming venues.