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Issues to consider in the design phase of the bolt ball


The design phase of a bolt ball involves a number of considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that the final product is functional, safe, and meets the needs of its intended users. Here are some key issues that should be considered:

1. Purpose and function: The first thing to consider is the purpose and function of the bolt ball. What is it designed to do? What are its intended uses? This will help determine the size, shape, weight, and other physical characteristics of the ball;

2. Material selection: The choice of materials is critical for the performance and durability of the bolt ball. Considerations should include factors such as weight, strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance;

3. Safety: Safety is paramount in any design, and the bolt ball is no exception. It is important to consider potential hazards associated with the design, such as sharp edges, pinch points, or loose components;

4. Ergonomics: The design of the bolt ball should be comfortable and easy to use. Considerations should include factors such as grip, weight distribution, and overall shape;

5. Manufacturing and assembly: The design should be optimized for manufacturing and assembly. Considerations should include factors such as the number of components, ease of assembly, and cost of production;

6. Aesthetics: The design of the bolt ball should be visually appealing and consistent with the branding and image of the company or organization that will be using it;

7. Environmental impact: The design should consider the environmental impact of the bolt ball’s production, use, and disposal. Factors such as the choice of materials, energy consumption during production, and recyclability should be taken into account;

8. Regulatory requirements: Finally, it is important to consider any regulatory requirements that may apply to the design of the bolt ball, such as safety standards or environmental regulations.

The following issues need to be considered during the design phase of the bolt ball:
1.the size of the pre-tensioning and the way of tensioning;
2.the size of the diaphragm and the way the cords are arranged according to the controlled load;
3.consideration of the shape of the membrane surface and its fixings to avoid water (snow) accumulation;
4.the design of key nodes to avoid stress concentration;
5.consideration of membrane transportation and lifting;
6.durability and fire protection considerations.

The main points to be considered in the bolt ball design phase are as follows:
1.ensuring sufficient curvature of the membrane surface for greater stiffness and aesthetic effect;
2.refine the support structure to fully express the transparent space and light shape;
3.simplify the connection nodes between the membrane and the supporting space frame structure to reduce the amount of on-site construction.

The main problems of bolt ball research are as follows:
1.Form-finding or furthermore, “form theory”;
2.the response of steel structures under consideration of membrane relaxation and anisotropy;
3.Dynamic stability of steel structures under wind loads;
4.shear optimization;
5.interaction between membrane and cable and supporting space frame structures, development directions.