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Installation details of the steel structure warehouse


The steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of steel components, including steel beams, steel columns, steel structure foundations, steel roofs, etc. The following is introduced by SAFS Steel Structure Company to introduce the details of each part of the warehouse.

  1. Main structure hanging

Steel beams are assembled on the ground, and steel columns are set up. Hanging the steel beam, connecting the secondary structure, and correcting the structure deviation of the main structure. Install crane beams, hanging the mezzanine, and paint the fire -proof coating. The deviation of the main structure of the steel structure warehouse shall meet the specifications and design requirements. The high -strength bolts shall be initially twisted and the final twist shall meet the requirements.

  1. Secondary structure hanging

The roof wall sandalwood strips, roof wall support, winged support, etc.

  1. Installation of roof panels and thermal insulation layers

The insulation layer should be laid first, and then the roof panel should be installed. Some projects also laid a layer of steel wire under the thermal insulation layer to prevent the thermal insulation layer from falling off, which mainly depends on the level of the insulation layer. Do not damage the coating on the board to prevent rust.

  1. Maintenance and installation of the wall

Install the wall insulation layer and wall plate. The wall surface should be beautiful and meets waterproof requirements. At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether the installation is deviated. For example, whether the bottom is flat, whether the flatness deviation between the board meets the requirements, etc.

  1. Details in the warehouse

Decoration and installation in the factory, such as the corners between the roof and the wall, the corners of the wall corner, the waterproof board between the wall plate and the brick wall, and the doors and windows decoration.