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Method of extending service life of space frame structure


Correct maintenance measures for the space frame structure can prolong the service life of the space frame structure. Next, I will take you to learn about the maintenance method of the space frame:

  1. Maintenance: The rods must be replaced in time after they are deformed. It should be cut from the middle of the rod, and the high-strength bolts on both sides should be unscrewed with a wrench to remove the broken rod. After replacing the new rod with anti-corrosion treatment, fix the high-strength bolt at one end first, and then fix the other end by using the telescopic distance of the sleeves on both sides of the rod.
  2. The connection between the bolt ball and the steel pipe is in a state of communicating with the atmosphere, especially the tie rod. The rods are prone to deformation after being pulled, which will inevitably produce gaps. If some areas are humid, moisture may enter the high-strength bolts or steel pipes, which is disadvantageous to the high-strength bolts, and the anti-corrosion treatment must be strengthened.
  3. After the steel space frame bears most of the load, especially for the supporting parts and various joints, all the empty screw holes and joints should be filled with putty, and two layers of anti-rust paint should be applied to ensure that there is no leakage.