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Problems that need to be solved in the development process of steel structure space frame roof


We all know that steel structure space frame roof plays an important role in construction and other aspects. But there are two sides to everything. Let me tell you about the four problems in the development of steel structures:

  1. Due to the characteristics of the steel itself, the fire resistance of the steel structure itself is not very good, and the fire resistance is relatively poor. In the event of a fire, although the steel itself will not burn, as the temperature increases, all aspects of the performance of the steel structure space framewill change, including its bearing capacity and balance stability will also be affected to a certain extent.
  2. Steel structure engineering is not only an independent entity, it also involves the cooperation of some supporting material systems such as walls and roofs. The solution to this aspect is actually the foundation of the current steel structure space frame.
  3. For long-term exposed steel structure space frames, a layer of paint will be used on the outside to prevent steel corrosion. However, due to the limitation of the life of the coating itself, it will cause many problems to the steel structure in the later stage. Therefore, when choosing paints, we should pay attention to the appropriate selection and minimize the waste of resources.
  4.  Since the development time of space frame processing is not too long, both in terms of level and related investment in steel structure engineering are far behind the western developed countries.

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