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Roof space frame structure was chosen because of fast construction


Now, whether we are working or living, we all pay attention to speed. So how to reduce mistakes in work under fast conditions? We need to use reliable tools. For example, when building buildings, in order to be faster and more stable, we will use the roof space frame structure.

So how does this construction method make the stability of the building unaffected under the premise of rapid construction? SAFS Steel Structure let explain to you here.

First of all, the raw materials of the roof space frame structure are produced by factories and mechanized production mode, so that when this material is used at the construction site, it can be quickly installed, and the raw materials are produced by mechanical equipment, so the accuracy is relatively high.

Secondly, the density of this raw material is lower than that of concrete structures, so the weight of this material is relatively light, which makes it very convenient for us to transport and install.

After that, when we are constructing the roof space frame structure, we can choose lifting equipment to help with the installation, which can also improve our construction speed.