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Reconstruction and reinforcement of in-service space frame structures


The project “Research and Application of Key Technologies for Reinforcement of In-Service Steel Space Frame Structures” previously declared by the National Space Frame Quality Inspection Center was approved by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. In this new era, we should try and understand new things, such as the new building structure of steel structure space frame roof.

In recent years, steel space frame structure has been widely used in our country, in addition to being widely used in the roof of civil and industrial buildings, it is also used in other buildings and structures. With the development of social economy and the extension of service life of steel space frame, many steel space frame structures are facing the problem of reinforcement and reconstruction.

Through the research on the reinforcement method of the steel space frame structure, the project can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the steel space frame steel structure, enhance the reliability and stability, prolong the service period, reduce the failure rate, and avoid the loss of personnel and property caused by its failure. At the same time, through a series of comprehensive studies, it provides scientific basis and technical support for the detection, reinforcement, transformation and safe use of steel space frame structures.