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China steel structure space frame has requirements in the following aspects


There are certain requirements for each type of steel structure space frame used in China steel structure space frame engineering. Usually steel structure space frame has special or higher requirements in the following aspects. Next, China SAFS Steel Structure Engineering Company will take you to analyze the specific content:

Joint parts: material, surface roughness, tolerance, surface treatment, straightness (or radian);

Joints: hole position deviation, bolt grade; welding method, welding specification, welding material; air tightness, non-destructive testing, liquid penetration test, etc. are required;

Overall structure: vertical, horizontal, etc.;

Packaging: packaging materials, methods;

Warehouse: ambient temperature, humidity;

Transportation: loading and unloading, placing in the car, placing in the container, etc.

We must keep the above requirements in mind. If we carry out large-span roofing projects, it will help us. If you are interested in our structural engineering, please leave a message here to us SAFS steel structure.