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Four Factors for Membrane Structure Tailoring


Nowadays, the membrane structure roof has been widely used, and it has also opened a new page for the 22nd century membrane structure building.Membrane structure and grid structure will appear in the construction of various exhibition halls, museums and opera houses.

We should pay attention to the fact that most of the cutting and splicing process of the membrane structure has errors. This is because firstly, there will be errors when a plane membrane is used to form a space curved surface. Secondly, the membrane cloth is an anisotropic nonlinear material. When the curvature of the space is changing, it is inevitable that there will be a deviation from the original design shape.

The following 4 factors should be considered when arranging the cutting seam on the surface of the membrane structure:

1) Surface curvature

Because the curved membrane element is used, if the curvature of the adjacent elements is very different, it means that the curved surface is seriously distorted at this position. If the cutting seam is not cut and restarted here, then the boundary of the cutting membrane block will be very large here. big arc.

From the change trend of the curvature of adjacent units, the general trend of the geodesic can be judged.

2) Width of membrane material

The width of the membrane material should be taken into account when dividing the plane mesh during the form-finding analysis. Try to make the membrane elements contained in a membrane cloth as complete as possible, otherwise the position of the boundary point of the membrane block should be determined by interpolation calculation.

3) The direction of the border

If the boundary is relatively straight, consider using the long side of a membrane block as the boundary. Otherwise, this boundary can only be formed by splicing the short sides of multiple membrane blocks.

4) Beautiful

Because the film material has light transmittance, the welding seam can be clearly seen in the actual structure, so the arrangement of the cutting seam must be regular and reasonable, and it is best to form some beautiful patterns to increase the beauty of the structure. If there is a compression cable or a notochord on the surface of the membrane, it is better to make the cutting seam coincide with the compression cable or notochord, so that the cable will not disturb the pattern arrangement of the welding seam.

When making membrane structure projects, SAFS steel structures are constructed in strict accordance with regulations to ensure the quality of the project and make it reflect a beautiful curved surface.