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Service life analysis of roof color steel plate for space frame project


Due to the different uses and environmental conditions of the roof color steel plate of the space frame project, there are many factors affecting its service life. According to the function of use, the service life of color steel plate can be divided into the following three types:

  1. The decorative service life refers to the subjective fading, chalking, cracking, partial peeling of the coating and other defects on the surface of the color steel plate. While there is an impact on the image and aesthetics of the building, it has not yet reached the point where the coating loses its protective effect.
  2. The service life of the coating refurbishment refers to the use time of most of the defects such as delamination and rust spots on the surface of the color steel plate, resulting in further corrosion of the substrate.
  3. The limit service life refers to the time that the color steel plate can be used for a long time without refurbishment until it is severely corroded and can no longer be used.color steel

At present, the most common space frame roof panel is color steel plate. The service life of color steel plates for construction can be roughly divided into:

Decorative service life: 8-12 years;

Refurbishment service life: 12-20 years;

Ultimate service life: more than 20 years.