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Color Steel

Product description

With its unique metal properties and color coating anti-static, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial functions, as well as to prevent fading, Weather Resistance, anti-powdering and other advantages, so that the work of the builder is quick and convenient, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the building. At the same time, rich and colorful colors, surface structure and coating, so that it has great flexibility and optional.

Technica Advantages

mainly used in the construction of steel structure and other industrial and commercial buildings roof, wall, doors and so on.

  1. Light weight, because the color steel plate own light weight, convenient transportation, easy installation, can save construction time;
  2. Environmental Conservation, no pollution, no noise;
  3. High Strength, as a steel structure, strong bearing capacity, compression and bending;
  4. The surface is smooth and easy to clean, the color galvanized steel plate surface is not rough, anti-corrosion period is long, suitable for reuse.

Technical Specification

he Common Color Steel Plate for the support fixed type and self-piercing nail fixed type of two. The fixed color steel plate needs to be installed and fixed according to the shape of the plate, while the penetrating fixed color steel plate needs only the self-tapping screw to be installed and fixed directly.

generally adopt C steel, Z steel, square pipe, channel steel, i-beam and so on to support the color steel plate. The support spacing is calculated and designed according to the thickness and strength of Color Steel Plate. The support spacing is generally controlled in the range of 1.0 m ~ 2.0 m.

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