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Sandwich Panel

Product description

The color coated steel plate or other panels and the insulation core material through the adhesive (or foam) composite insulation composite maintenance plate.
According to its core material can be divided into rock wool, slag wool Sandwich Board, Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich board, Polystyrene Foam Plastic Sandwich Board.

Technica Advantages


  1. Light weight, 10kg-14kg/M2, equivalent to brick wall 1/30;
  2. Heat insulation and insulation, Sound Absorption and sealing performance;
  3. Construction is convenient, installation is flexible and fast, construction period can be reduced by more than 40% ;
  4. Bright Color, beautiful appearance, no need to surface decoration;
  5. High strength, can be used for the surrounding structure, bearing structure, bending compression, general housing can not use beams and columns.

Technical Specification

Main uses&Main materials

  1. Industrial Plants, warehouses
  2. Cold Storage, box packing
  3. Light steel residential, the original building mezzanine housing
  4. Prefabricated houses
  5. All kinds of purification room, air conditioning room
  6. FACEPLATE/BOTTOM PLATE: Color Coated Plate, galvanized plate, aluminum zinc light plate, stainless steel plate, printing steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, plywood, etc.
  7. Core Material: Polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool, EPS, phenolic, etc.
  8. ADHESIVES: Black and white
  9. AUXILIARY MATERIALS: Protective Film, Edge Sealing

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