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Day Lighting Sheet

Product description

The material of day-lighting board is mainly made of PP, PC, PET, APET, or PVC material. The day-lighting board has smooth appearance, no obvious bubble or crack, can cooperate closely with the color steel plate, the section thickness is even, the shape of the plate is consistent with the steel plate. Long-term use of non-yellowing phenomenon. With good chemical corrosion resistance, at room temperature can withstand a variety of organic acids, inorganic acids, weak acids, vegetable oils, neutral salt solutions, fatty hydrocarbons and alcohol erosion.

Technica Advantages

The day-lighting board has good temperature tolerance and can adapt to the changes of severe weather from severe cold to high temperature, and keep various physical properties stable in the range of-40 °C to + 120 °C.

The day-lighting plate has the highest transmittance in visible and near Infrared Spectra. Depending on the color, the transmittance can reach 12%-90% .

The surface of day-lighting board contains anti-ultraviolet co-extrusion layer, good outdoor weather resistance, long-term use to maintain good optical and mechanical properties.

The impact strength of the day-lighting board is 80 times that of glass, and the Solid Board is 200 times that of glass, which can prevent it from being broken in the course of transportation, installation and use. In addition, the most prominent feature of the day-lighting board is that it will not break as common glass, to avoid causing harm to people, there is a great guarantee of safety.

Technical Specification

day-lighting panels are commonly used for roof and wall lighting of industrial plants, thermal insulation day-lighting of planting sheds, and roof day-lighting of Public Stadium, warehouses, greenhouses, stations, wharves, airports, commercial buildings, steel structures and other special lighting areas of the building flame-retardant corrosion insulation and other places. Its function has the good natural day-lighting effect and reduces the building energy consumption, increases the indoor comfortable degree. SAFS Email:


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