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Steel structure spherical space frame project architectural features


Space frame handling machinery and equipment are usually used in double-story or high-rise residential buildings that are just tied together. During the installation of steel spherical space frames, in order to improve their stability factor, workers must choose high-strength bolts for fastening or electric welding, and since such construction projects are carried out outdoors, it is necessary to pay attention to temperature changes or chemical corrosion in common gases in order to cope with the hazards caused by their exterior design and expansion conditions.

The engineering structure using grid treatment is a good way of engineering structure, because the key of raw material application is metal composite material, so the metal material is more ductile than other raw materials, which not only helps to improve the load-bearing capacity of the engineering building itself, but also can reduce the construction period, reduce the difficulty of construction, let SAFS steel structure talk with you about the characteristics of spherical space frame structure.

Steel structure spherical space frame project

Steel structure spherical space frame project building characteristics are as follows 5 points:

  1. The rod of the ball grid can participate in the work and has excellent load-bearing performance, its bending stiffness and overall reliability are better than the general flat structure, and can reasonably withstand a variety of asymmetric encrypted load and concentrated load and dynamic load.
  2. the processing structure of the grid is multi-directional force, this stress method changes the stress condition of the plan structure, so that the raw materials can more fully play the role of the grid structure, it is an indoor space splicing rod structure, the key is to bear the radial force in different directions cross-sectional specifications are relatively small, these indoor space intersection of the tie rod to support each other, the software chemistry of the pressurized tie rod and support point system together, so that good economic development can be achieved.
  3. The overall stress characteristics of all the rods in the grid structure make the space flexural stiffness large and the seismic performance good, fully considering the seismic performance of the grid structure is better than other flat structures.
  4. The structure of the spherical grid has a certain periodicity, which is beneficial to the construction. Many rods and connection points in the grid structure adopt the same or similar way, which is convenient for mass manufacturing and structure installation, thus ensuring the quality of the construction and speeding up the installation on site, and the contractor expects strict regulations on the capital construction period, and the construction quality is very good.
  5. The grid treatment can meet various regulations of the structural design of the grid structure is beautiful and elegant, light and atmospheric, and the layout is convenient. It can consider the regulations of the building function and shape design, especially in the large-span trusses and column networks that need the building function, its advantages are more prominent.