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Three major features of steel structure space frame


Each process of production has extremely strict requirements in processing. From design, we need to understand the structural characteristics of the steel structure space frame. In its later processing and production, it is necessary to strictly control the control of the steel structure characteristics of the space frame. So how much do you know about the characteristics of mesh steel structure? Here SAFS steel structure space frame introduces its three main features.

Steel structure space frame hoisted

  1. The material is uniform, which is more in line with the hypothesis of mechanical calculation. Due to the scientific control of the smelting and rolling process, the internal structural tissue is relatively uniform, which is in line with the ideal elastic-plastic body. Therefore, the calculation is small and the calculation results are more reliable.
  2. Good plasticity and toughness. Good plasticity: Steel structures will not suddenly break due to overloads under normal conditions. Before destroying, there were obvious deformation and were easily found. The good plasticity just now can reduce the local peak stress and slow down the changes in stress distribution. Good toughness: The steel structure is suitable for working under power loads, so the steel structure is more favorable in the seismic area.
  3. High strength and relatively light weight. Taking building steel, wood, and reinforced concrete as an example, the ratio of their density and intensity is calculated respectively. It can be seen from the comparison of the α value of the three materials that the α value of the steel is the smallest. This shows that as a bearing material, the strength of the steel is high and the quality is light. Therefore, the use of steel in the engineering structure can save materials. If the three materials of reinforced concrete, ordinary steel and cold -curved thin wall are used to design a flat roof with the same span and the same carrier, the heaviest steel concrete roof frame, and the ordinary rigid roofs are lighter (about the weight of the reinforced concrete roof stand weight 1/3 ~ 1/4), while the cold -bent thin -walled steel roof stand is the lightest (only 1/10 of the weight of steel concrete roofs).


It can be seen from the example of the roof frame design that the same use of steel, such as steel (ordinary steel and cold -bent thin -walled type), the structure weighing weight will be very different. The quality of the steel structure is light and the basic load is small, which can reduce the cost of basic engineering and reduce the workload of lifting and transportation. Due to the high strength of steel, the steel structure is suitable for large spans, high towering structures, and a large heavy structure. However, the strength of the material is often not fully exerted. This is because during the design of the component, the cross -section required for calculation according to the strength conditions is small, and the component cross section of the components required by stable conditions or stiffness conditions is larger.