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What are the advantages of a gas station built with a space frame structure?


When we usually pass gas stations, we will find that many gas stations are space frame structure. Gas stations don’t pay attention to luxury, but they should be eye-catching and have an affinity with customers. The thickness of the space frame, the thickness of the support columns, and the appearance color all need to be considered comprehensively.

The shape of the gas station of the space frame structure is usually very regular and simple. The main body of the structure is composed of a square ceiling and pillars. The surroundings are generally decorated with aluminum-plastic panels and inkjet cloth. The upper plane is covered with color plates, and the lower plane is equipped with lighting fixtures. It is not necessary to make a ceiling. If there is a ceiling, aluminum gussets are generally used.

The amount of steel wire is small, and all parts are prefabricated in the factory, which is convenient for installation and short construction period. It is especially suitable for gas station projects with tight construction period and short-term operation.

The construction sequence of the space frame part is as follows: lofting, blanking, cutting, butt welding, assembling, adjusting, welding, seam quality inspection, painting, dividing, packaging, and transportation.

In the space frame processing engineering, the processing of the space frame and the welding process of the steel structure are very important, and the quality requirement of the welding joints is also very high. Because they are the supports of the steel structure space frame. Their large force can realize the partial pressure of the space frame and ensure the solidity of the entire project.

The current gas station space frame project does not require steel nails to punch holes. The use of space frame engineering saves time, saves materials, and reduces the area of cross-sectional damage. At the same time, the components have been formed. This reduces the direct use of auxiliary parts and brings convenience to the space frame processing.

The welded gas station space frame structure has good water tightness and air tightness, high rigidity and good overall effect, so the service life of the space frame is long. The damage area is small in bad weather, so most of gas stations adopt space frame structure.