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The Most Comprehensive Knowledge Of The Steel Structure Space Frame Industry


Most of people know the steel structure space frame industry, but they don’t have a special understanding. Due to the social development and progress, for the safety of the building, beautiful usability and other factors, so the standard of construction has also been improved, and steel structure has gradually become a mainstream around us.

  1. Heavy steel structure workshop: Generally speaking, workshop with heavy crane lifting capacity or heavy work will use this kind of steel skeleton, such as open furnace, converter workshop, mixing furnace workshop, blooming workshop in metallurgical workshops;heavy machinery plants Steel casting workshop, hydraulic press workshop, forging workshop, etc. Zhongpu Heavy is a heavy-duty steel structure design, manufacturing, and construction unit, and has accumulated a lot of industry experience in heavy-duty plant structure engineering.Compared with lighting portal steel frame workshops, heavy-duty workshop have put forward greater management requirements in terms of design capabilities, manufacturing technology level, transportation and process construction operation.
  2. Large-span space frame structure:For example, aircraft assembly workshops, hangar, dry coal sheds, church, stadiums, station roofs etc. Need to use large span structure, and their structure system are mainly space frame. Suspension cables, arch and frame etc. Large span space frame steel structure are currently widely used in the construction of major cities around the world.
  3. Tower mast structure: include mast structure of the tower, such as TV towers, microwave towers, transmission line towers, drilling towers, environmental and atmospheric monitoring towers, radio antenna poles,broadcast transmission masts etc.
  4. Multi-storey, high rise and super high-rise building:It can also use steel structure, such as multi-storey frame in industrial building and high-rise or super high-rise building such as hotels and restaurants.
  5. Under the influence of vibration load earthquake structure:most of them used for high seismic requirement of the region.
  6. Plate and shell structure: some large oil depots,oil tanks, gas depots,blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, chimneys, water towers and other places,
  7. Detachable or movable structure: the mobile homes used i n commerce, tourism and construction sites also mostly adopt light steel structures.