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What Factors Affect the Quotation of Space Frame Engineering?


The quotation of the space frame engineering is affected in many ways, and due to the complexity of the space frame engineering, this will affect the final price.

  1. Materials          Different space frame projects have different materials used. The materials of the space frame are divided into ordinary Q235B or Q345B steel and stainless steel. Because of their different materials, the prices are also quite different. Based on the material of the steel, the specifications and thickness will affect the final quotation.


  1. Processing quality           For customers who process with supplied materials, the mechanical costs and anti-corrosion costs incurred during processing will also be included in the quotation.


  1. Installation            Due to the inconsistency of the construction site of the space frame project, the corresponding transportation and hoisting costs will occur in the same city, other cities, other provinces, or the actual process of export; after the materials arrive at the site, labor for gutters and purlins installation fee.


  1. Follow-up maintenance             The complexity of the space frame engineering also brings maintenance costs in the follow-up process, such as roof panels, ceiling panels, wall panels, insulation cotton, edge panels, flooding panels and other accessories. These maintenance materials will involve transportation costs when they arrive at their destination.


In addition, the estimated demand for space frames based on the characteristics and quality of different space frame projects has also changed. Of course, these quotations are based on the design drawings.