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What Should Be Focused on during Production of Space Frame Structure?


The first is the question of material selection. The material must be selected that meets the national conditions, and the rigidity and hardness must be well grasped.   


The second is the issue of design. When designing, it must be manufactured in strict accordance with national standards, especially the angle of the nodes, etc., must be strictly checked, and strive for excellence,   

Furthermore, after the installation is completed, the construction project must be carefully checked. Before installation, the rust, burrs and oil stains within the range of 30-50mm along each side of the welding seam must be removed from the space frame processing connection table.   


Finally, after the processing is completed. Ultrasonic flaw detection should be carried out on the building. If there is any unqualified phenomenon, it must be reworked to avoid unpredictable consequences for the manufacturer.