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What should be paid attention to in the detailed steps of the hoisting of large-scale steel structure corridor projects


Ballast tests should be carried out in advance for large-scale steel structure corridor projects. Lift the large-scale steel structure corridor to a height (for example, 200mm) from the assembled ground, and perform a 12-hour load observation on the steel structure corridor. Check in detail the steel structure corridor itself, all lifting devices, and all reinforcement measures for hidden dangers, and then decide whether to enter the lifting procedure.

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The ballast test can also check whether the division of labor between the construction personnel and the commanding personnel is reasonable and whether the coordination is in place, so that everyone is familiar with their own work. The whole corridor is hoisted to the height. From the position corresponding to the corbel once lifted, the top of the concrete column is set with pre-embedded anchor rings, and the tie points are connected to the north and south ends of the steel structure corridor.

The east and west sides of the corridor are synchronously leveled with guide chains, pulling the steel structure corridor to the top of the supporting steel structure corridor. The steel structure corridor is dropped back to its support base, and the steel structure corridor and the support are connected. The active lifting points of the steel structure corridor are set diagonally to prevent it from slanting to one side.

Make each lifting point, the force is even. The long-span steel structure corridor is designed as a weak connection to reduce the earthquake effect. For the impact on the two towers, the universal bearing is used. The spherical steel bearing with universal rotation damping is used to meet the requirements of elastic-plastic displacement of the tower, and the steel structure corridor will not fall under the action of major earthquakes. The construction of the steel structure corridor was carried out smoothly.

The above content is the point to pay attention to in the corridor hoisting steps brought by SAFS Steel Structure Manufacturer. In addition to steel structure, the corridor roof structure can also use space frame and pipe truss. You can live chat with me at the bottom right for more information and a free quote.

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