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Coal storage bunker spherical space frame circular maintenance catwalk and ladder


Installation plan and safety measures


  • Overview


This project is designed to set up a continuous maintenance circular catwalk in each coal bunker. The height of the catwalk is between the 7th and 8th balls of the lower string of the space frame, and the width of the platform of the catwalk is 1m. And set up 4 climbing ladders on the 5, 12, 21, 28 axes of the coal bunker.

coal storage sheds


Preparations before installation

  1. According to the site conditions, in line with the principle of ensuring safety and minimizing high-altitude operations and high-altitude welding, formulate an installation plan, and make a disclosure to the operator.
  2. According to the design drawings, the size of the site components will be checked, and the problems will be reported and dealt with in time. After checking, the various rods are sorted and classified according to the installation process requirements and specification numbers, and the assembly site of the catwalk unit blocks is prepared, and the site is required to be flat and solid.
  3. Prepare the welding machine, wrench and other tools for assembly, select the equipment for hoisting, and debug and install it in place.


The installation process of the circular catwalk

According to the site conditions, in line with the principle of ensuring safety and minimizing aerial work and high-altitude welding, the installation plan of the catwalk is determined as follows:

coal storage sheds

  1. On the ground, install the 2 joists between the 4 suspenders of each unit (the lower suspender of the outer ring and the lower suspender of the inner ring) on the lower end bracket of the suspender. Weld the joists to the pallets after checking that the dimensions meet the requirements.
  2. Adjust the distance between the two joists according to the size of the drawing. After meeting the requirements, install the processed catwalk platform plate on the two joists, and place the two ends of the support beams on both sides of the platform plate on the welded steel plates on the two joists respectively. After the adjustment is precisely in place, the two ends of the channel steel of the support beams on both sides of the platform bottom are welded to the steel plate. Then install the railings on both sides of the catwalk platform. Such a catwalk installation unit block is assembled and ready for hoisting. The other unit blocks are assembled in sequence in the same way. Each storage is assembled into 32 installation unit blocks on the ground.
  3. Transport the assembled unit block to the ground near the location to be installed in the storage. Each hoisting unit block weighs about 200kg. The installation of the unit block of this project is planned to be hoisted with a 1ton electric hoist and fixed pulley according to the site conditions. Before hoisting, transport the unit block to be hoisted to the ground below the hoisting position. Hang the upper hoisting pulley on the member above the hoisting position through the sling. The hoist lifts the unit block through the fixed pulley and the upper pulley fixed firmly on the ground. Carry out a trial hoisting before lifting to ensure that the hanging parts are balanced before hoisting. After being lifted to the installation position, an installer shall be set up on each ball node corresponding to the installation position of the space frame catwalk, and respectively connect the high-strength bolts on the upper ends of the four suspenders of the unit block with the bolt balls and fasten them in place, then the hook can be released. One catwalk unit block is installed, and then the next unit block is installed in sequence.
  4. After the installation of the unit block between the adjacent suspenders is completed, a span platform plate and railings between them are supplemented and welded with the adjacent joist single pad. Install in this order until the overall installation of the circular catwalk is completed.
  5. When the hoisting block is hoisted, it is planned to use two slings with a length of 4m to symmetrically bind the two ends of the platform plate of the hoisting block. After the test hoisting balance, it can be hoisted in place. Before hoisting, tie a cable wind rope to the hoisting block to assist in position.