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Advantages of steel structure space frame billboards


Steel structure space frame billboards are generally used in outdoor roads, scenic spots, squares, tops of buildings, etc. The oversized size will make the advertisements more eye-catching. What are the advantages of billboards made of steel structures? How many types does it have? SAFS Steel Structure will introduce you in detail.

There are currently four types of large billboards:


Double Sided Billboard

Steel structure space frame double sided billboard

Three Sided Billboard

Steel structure space frame three sided billboard

Double Column Billboard

Steel structure space frame double column billboard

Three Column Billboard

Steel structure space frame three column billboard




  1. The billboard with space frame structure has high rigidity, good integrity, multi-directional force and strong earthquake resistance. Bolted ball space frame structure billboards are widely used in spaces with complex modeling designs;
  2. Billboards with bolted ball space framestructure can be galvanized as a whole for anti-corrosion and maintenance-free for life. Environmental protection, save money and trouble. The steel structure of the space frame structure is suitable for the quantitative production of the factory, while ensuring the quality, it saves the cost and is easy to control the cost;
  3. The composition of outdoor billboards with space framestructure has certain regularity. Easy to construct, fast on-site installation, short construction period, all bolted. The space frame structure billboard is light in weight and saves steel. It is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation, and can be transported over long distances, saving logistics costs;
  4. The outdoor advertising of the space framestructure is beautiful in appearance, light and generous, flexible in layout, and can be disassembled and assembled for reuse.


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