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How to use reasonable bolt ball space frame material


How to use a reasonable bolt ball space frame material,SAFS steel structure engineering company is divided into four parts here to introduce in detail for the partners who need to know:

  • The cone head or connecting plate of the spherical space frame is a connecting part of the rectangular steel rod connected with the steel ball according to the high-strength bolt. It is welded with the seamless steel pipe by electric welding, so its steel type should be consistent with the seamless steel pipe, to facilitate welding.


  • The stainless steel plate of the high-toughness bolted ball space frame should ensure that its compressive strength, tensile strength and cutting performance can meet the technical standards of the design scheme.


  • Corresponding wire holes are provided on the connection point of the bolt ball space frame along the radial top of each intersecting rod. When the high-strength bolts are screwed into the rod, the overall spherical space frame is formed, and the strength of the steel ball can be slightly lower. The strength of the anchor bolts and the compressive strength of the material are also lower than those of the anchor bolts. Therefore, the raw material of the ball is firstly made of 45# steel, and no heat treatment process is carried out. Design regulations can be considered, and it is beneficial to the processing of the space frame.


  • The steel structure space frame sleeve mainly transmits the working pressure, so for the sleeve corresponding to the small diameter high-strength bolt (≤M33), Q235 steel can be selected. For sleeves corresponding to relatively large diameter high-strength bolts (≥M36), in order to prevent the increase of the diameter of the steel ball due to the increase of the total area of ​​the sleeve under pressure, Q345 steel or No. 45 steel should be used.