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Steel Pipe

Product description

Nature shows the excellent structural performance of the circular pipe under compression, torsion and multi-direction bending. The steel tube structure is formed by combining the superior structural performance of the pipe structure with the extremely attractive architectural appearance. The biggest advantage of the steel pipe structure is that it can perfectly combine the functional requirements, the sensory requirements and the economic benefit requirements of the building.

Techinical Advantages

The steel pipe is an important part of the space frame, in the space frame, the steel pipe is usually round steel pipe. The specifications of round steel tubes are given in the Chinese standard, but not all the specifications of round steel tubes in the national standard are adopted by the space frame, according to the long-term usage and the reasons for the fittings such as the cone head of the sealing plate, the selection is usually based on a common specification table. SAFS Email:


Technical Specification

It is possible to use round steel tubes with diameters of 245mm, 273mm or 325mm for large space grids. If the design adopts bolt ball joints space frame structure, the fittings (cone heads and sleeves) for these round steel tubes are difficult to purchase on the market, moreover, such a large diameter of the steel pipe is not very suitable for the use of space frame members, so the general space frame is not recommended to use the diameter of more than 219 round steel pipe.

The high frequency welded pipe or seamless steel pipe is usually used as the round steel pipe of space frame structure.

Q235B steel in GB/T700-2006 is usually selected for high frequency welded pipe

Seamless steel tubes are usually made of 20 # steel in GB/T8162-2008″seamless steel tubes for structural purposes” ,

Q355B steel in GB/T1591-2008, low alloy high strength structural steel, is not often used.

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