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Football Stadium Roof Design

space frame roof
space frame roof
space frame roof
space frame roof
  • Building site: 450,427 sqm
  • Design: EU
  • Type: Bolted ball joint space frame
  • Surface treatment: Paint
  • Wind load: 200KPH
  • Earthquake: 8
  • Roof cover: Sandwich Ceiling
  • Durable: 50 years


Football Stadium Roof
  • 80% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Cost-effective

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

The steel structure of the space frame is one of the most environmentally-friendly construction structures and the most representative building in China. The construction of the space frame structure is carried out to reduce the pollution caused by waste material, the structure material of the space frame can be recycled 100%, and the other supporting materials can also be recycled mostly, flow the step of the current environmental awareness;

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