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Analysis and research on the lower part support structure of the large-span space frame coal storage shed in the thermal power plant


In recent years, the development of space frame structure is very rapid among many complex structures. The lightweight characteristics of the structure enables the space frame structure to fulfill larger span requirements. At the same time, its good mechanical performance, beautiful and economical characteristics make this structure widely used in coal storage projects.

Combined with engineering examples, the mechanical and seismic performance of the space frame coal storage shed and the comparison between the actual test and the mechanical model of the supporting structure are analyzed.

  • Using the APDL parametric modeling language in ANSYS software, the model of the three-dimensional space frame structure coal storage shed was established. The static characteristics of the three-center cylindrical space frame structure under the combined action of self-weight load, dead load, live load, wind load and snow load are analyzed. The stress-strain characteristics of the space frame coal storage shed under various working conditions are summarized, which can provide a reference for the actual construction plan.
  • Theoretical analysis and research on the dynamic characteristics and natural vibration characteristics of the three-core cylindrical space frame, combined with the actual situation of the project to study the seismic performance of the project, through some basic assumptions about the seismic resistance of the space frame structure, the connection between natural vibration frequency and seismic wave is analyzed with the help of the space frame vibration equation. After that, the natural vibration mode analysis, seismic spectrum analysis and time history analysis are used to study the motion law of the grid under the action of seismic wave.
  • The stability of the structural foundation of the large-scale space frame is the premise of realizing the structural design. Therefore, this paper conducts a comparative analysis of the actual test data of the space frame support structure and the mechanical model data to verify whether the original support structure can be used to realize the design of the space frame structure, and to determine whether to strengthen the treatmentaccording to the comparison between the final calculation results and the actual data to determine whether to strengthen the treatment.