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Analysis method of long span steel structure construction mechanics


The horizontal line represents the design location, and the dotted line represents the deformed position after the steel structure installation process. For the three cases marked, the following principles are determined: First, if the newly added components are not connected to the existing components, the node design coordinates are used as new node coordinates. For example, the new node O coordinates can calculate the direction of the existing component JK extension line and design length | KL | for calculation. JK belongs to the new component in the structure. There is no new node. Determine the length. Application finite element software, perform analysis of large -span steel structure. The calculation method is mainly: If the newly added component does not connect to the existing components, you can apply the design coordinate unit activation method to directly calculate; If two or three sections are adopted as a correction unit, the new node coordinates should be overlapped with the design position; if the new unit is closed inward, the new node coordinates are calculated without the unit activation method. The above is a study of the situation of new structures. For example, the research of the boundary changes and the removal of components, according to the above methods, the application of finite element software can obtain its calculation method. In this way, the complexity and difficulty of large -span steel structure construction mechanics research and analysis can be effectively reduced, and the efficiency of calculation is improved.

Actual application of the analysis method of long span steel structure construction process structure

The rooftop steel beam adopts H150 × 8-254 × 4 specifications of welding work steel. The φ30 round steel is used as a lower string lever. The internal force and deformation of the internal force during the construction process are tracking research and analysis. The research process is mainly divided into two parts. The first part: apply q = 4kn/m to the duties of the structure; increase the round steel lever after the structure of the structure occurs in internal force and deformation; The second part is: under the condition of no construction load, assemble steel frames and round steel strokes; apply Q = 4kn/m to the structure of the structure, and set the concentration of F = 20kn loaded in the steel frame. Remove the F = 20kn load and remove the round steel tie rod on the basis of the Jun cloth load. By analyzing the changes in steel structure displacement and internal force data in different states, it can be found that the method adopted in the first part is less than the second part. However, its deformation and internal force deformation are greater than the second part, indicating that the round steel lever can effectively control the structure to produce large deformation under the action of external loads.