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Causes of Water Leakage on The Roof of Steel Structure Factory


Steel structure workshops sometimes leak water. To solve this problem, we must first figure out the cause of the water leakage. The following editor will analyze the causes of water leakage on the roof of China Steel Structure Factory from several aspects.steel structure contractorDesign reason
1. The roof drainage system does not have overflow measures in accordance with the specifications. When the intensity of the rainstorm exceeds the drainage capacity of the rainwater system, it will exceed the lap joints and even overflow the roof, causing water leakage;
2. There is no additional L-shaped edge fitting on the upper part of the outer wall of the wall, causing water leakage inside the gutter;
3. The roof slope design is too small, and the roof rainwater cannot be discharged to the gutter in time.

space frame designMaterial reasons
1. The color plate of the enclosure part is too thin. After a period of use, the outer plate is corroded or deformed under the influence of temperature, and the gap between the plates increases, causing water leakage;
2. The quality of the galvanized layer of the profiled board substrate is not good, and the coating is too thin, resulting in a short service life of the profiled board and easy rust damage;
3. Poor quality of self-tapping screw gasket is easy to crack, and glass sealant is easy to age. In addition to design reasons and material reasons, there may also be a lack of necessary inspections and maintenance in the process of normal use, and failure to find problems in time.
Water leakage of steel structure roof is not an individual phenomenon, and there are many factors that cause water leakage. We must pay more attention to avoid damage to internal structure and materials caused by water leakage on steel structure factory roof.

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