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Completion of the steel structure space frame on top of the high-speed rail station


The steel structure space frame on the roof of the high-speed railway station was recently completed, marking the beginning of the installation of metal roof panels and decorative finishing for the station building.

Steel Structure Space Frame High Speed Railway Station

The high-speed railway station is located approximately 4 kilometers from the city center, covering an area of 7,997 square meters. The station platform has 2 platforms with 4 tracks, capable of accommodating up to 500 passengers simultaneously. The design concept for the station is inspired by the local culture, featuring a cylindrical entrance hall that mimics the surface of a local musical instrument called “hui gu,” with a rope-like texture. Diamond-shaped patterns adorned with local elements such as black goats, “hui gu,” and traditional cloth known as “zhuang jin” are integrated to create a visually rich and culturally significant design.

The steel structure space frame on the station’s roof spans a total length of 92.4 meters and weighs 300 tons. The construction process utilized mature and secure hydraulic methods, along with ground assembly and integral lifting techniques. To ensure the orderly and safe progress of the project, the railway authority and the construction company collaborated closely, conducting thorough discussions and risk assessments during the construction process. They organized expert evaluations and selected the optimal construction methods. The use of sensor monitoring and computer control effectively ensured synchronous lifting at all points, with a precision error of less than 10 millimeters, achieving a safe and precise elevation, and successfully completing the steel structure space frame’s lifting task efficiently and with high quality.

High-speed rail station steel structure space frame