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Frequently Asked Questions about Medium and Large Space Frame Structures


Space frame structure roof project is a professional large and medium-sized building roof, such as city square roof, or some exhibition halls, theaters, these column-free large and medium-sized roof, so for this type of product, owners and builders in the case of choosing the roof structure of the building, there are also many small problems to pay attention to:

Large space frame structures

1. To pay attention to is the quality of its products, usually these products are all the application of a single carbon steel to realize the build out, and usually each steel wire is all trihedral or tetrahedral, is hollow in the middle, so relatively speaking, the composition of the metal material, and its welding and soldering of the sturdiness of the very critical.

2. To pay attention to the total area of the spherical space frame to present force, because different places must not be the same specifications of the size of the shelf surface, which also prompted the commodity itself welding weld pattern, structure and its patchwork are different, you must carry out a professional physical design program to ensure that all the roof of the presentation of the force and the bearing capacity of the problem.

3. To pay attention to is the safety hazard, not only contains the commodity in all assembly link in the assembly problem, staff operability installation of these, but also contains in into the application link, the steel frame is not to carry out safety work, and even in some projects, but also in the steel frame on top of the other high-quality raw materials.

By avoiding the above common problems effectively, we can really make good use of this kind of convenient steel structure roof, so that we can have a safer and more stable indoor environment.