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How to do a good job in the detection of the connection point of the steel space frame structure


The steel space frame structure is widely used in various projects. Many quality accidents of the steel space frame structure engineering appear in the connection.Therefore, key inspections should be carried out on the connection points to ensure the safety of the project.

Inspection one, check the connection plate

①Check whether the size of the connecting plate (especially the thickness) meets the requirements;

②Use a ruler as the guiding rule to check its flatness;

③Measure the actual size reduction caused by bolt holes, etc.;

④ Check for damage such as cracks and partial defects.

Inspection two. For the bolt connection, a combination of visual inspection and hammering can be used for inspection. Also use a torque wrench (a wrench with sound and light instructions when the wrench reaches a certain torque) to recheck the tightness of the bolts, especially the connection of high-strength bolts should be carefully checked. In addition, the diameter, number, and arrangement of bolts should be checked one by one.

The most important thing to do in the space frame project is safety, so everyone must keep these safety knowledge in mind and let us become more and more perfect.