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Introduction to the design of the space frame structure of the stadium gymnasium


The space frame structure has good stability and safety. Therefore, the appearance of this structure has aroused people’s great interest, especially large-scale cultural and sports centers mostly adopt space frame structure, such as Beijing National Stadium, Arizona Red Bird Stadium, London Wembley Stadium in England, and Munich Stadium in Germany.They are all unique. The space frame has a novel architectural structure and a majestic shape. There is no column in the field, and the field of vision is broad.

In the design process of the gymnasium space frame, we must fully consider the combination of space frame design production conditions, load input and working environment, etc., and summarize more accurate calculation results, so that we can better select materials and select processing techniques ,When calculating the overall project, we should also fully consider the impact of the overall structure and the structure of the space frame on its stability. When there are changes in the structural geometry, it may be a recurring problem. We need to build the model in advance.Then understand the various situations that will be encountered in the actual use process.