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Wind resistant treatment of steel structure Al-Mg-Mn roof panel system


Regarding the use of aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels for the steel structure roof, the roofing system will not cause problems in 50 years, but in fact, after the completion of the roof renovation of the Capital Airport, the roof was blown by the wind 3 times in two years. This is a typical project with inadequate windproof performance.

In an Al-Mg-Mn roof system, the main factors that affect the wind resistance of the panel are gables, roof ridges and T-shaped bearings. Based on years of installation experience,we have found that a roofing system wind resistance performance of lower nodes from the roof and gable first position etc, then spread to the whole metal roofing system, finally damage the aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system. Since the treatment method of ridge node and gable node has been briefly discussed before, it will not be repeated here. In the Al-Mg-Mn alloy roof system, how to fix it to improve the wind resistance of the roof.

When fixing aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates, rivets should not be used to replace T-shaped bearings because of cost savings. When used in southern climates, rivets may be no problem, but for areas with harsh weather, T-shaped bearings cannot be replaced. When installing the support, make sure that it is parallel up and down, with a line in front and back, and the support is perpendicular to the collar strip. This is to ensure that there is no gap between the panels. Finally, use an electric seaming machine to lock the edges of the panels.

The design and installation of the steel structure roof must consider the climatic conditions where the project is located. Only in this way can the quality of the project be guaranteed, and there will be no quality problems in 50 years.