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What factors are closely related to the price of the space frame structure?


The space frame project is recognized by everyone in the current market, but people also need to understand the price it requires. Prices are not completely fixed, and are related to many different factors. For example, first include the price of space frame components, installation costs, transportation costs, as well as on-site costs and measures costs. The price required for each different fee will be different. In short, it is directly related to the current steel pipe specifications or the content of bolt balls.

So when you choose to build a space frame structure, you also need to pay attention to every detail. In addition, attention should be paid to the weather and current policies. If you consider the cost of transportation, you also need to know the cost of transportation. The price is generally directly related to the distance of transportation and the location of transportation. The cost of installation is also not fixed. First of all, it needs to involve the size of the space frame and the form of the nodes. In addition, it also includes many factors such as the conditions of the venue and the size of the distance.

So when everyone chooses to build, they must pay attention to various details. This is very important. If you do not pay attention to the correct installation of the space frame structure, it will also affect the later price. Most people will choose a formal company. Although the price is relatively high, it can effectively guarantee the quality of the later stage. Therefore, it has begun to be recognized by many clients.