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The impact of the space frame accessories


For the processing of space frame accessories, it is necessary to fully consider the destructiveness and impact resistance of each space frame component during the entire application process. After all, it will affect the whole body. If the space frame components cannot bear the work pressure from the outside, it may reduce the tolerance of the entire space frame. Let’s analyze the impact of space frame accessories.

Along with the change of time, more and more space frame steel structure projects are used in daily life. In fact, the main structure is mainly made of stainless steel sheets, which is one of the key building structure types. Structure is still one of the common structural forms of modernist construction engineering, but its potential and excellent development prospects will bring a lot of convenience to everyone’s daily life.

In fact, the space frame steel structure engineering still has many advantages for other engineering buildings. The first is its own durability and impact resistance. The steel structure engineering has lighter weight, high compressive strength, good overall rigidity, and deformation. strong ability. The weight of the building itself is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, which can withstand a storm of 70 meters per second. The second is the thermal insulation of the space frame steel structure engineering is better.. The thermal insulation materials are mainly glass wood. Which has excellent thermal insulation effect .