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What are the advantages of space frame structure in reconstruction and expansion


Nowadays, our favorite is the space frame structure in construction projects . This is a building that can effectively change the components and has a good bearing capacity. It can use multi-point support to slowly form a three-dimensional force system. At the same time, it also has the effect of multiple force performance, which can effectively improve the safety performance of the entire structure, so it has attracted our attention.

The space frame structure has a relatively good integrity and height, and has a strong reserve capacity. The overall seismic performance can also have a significant improvement effect. This structure has a wide range of applications in current life. No matter how large the span of the structure, all can be used. Nowadays, a kind of double-layer space frame structure is more widely used, so it has already brought us more advantages.

After the construction is completed, the space frame structure can meet the needs of various building functions, and it can also effectively meet the needs of the building shape. For example, the gaps between structures can be effectively used in the process of pipeline layout. The space utilization rate is higher, and the operation is simpler, and the required cost is lower. Compared with other building structures, the space frame structure has obvious advantages. For example, it is more flexible when disassembling and assembling, and this advantage generally also applies to the production and relocation of buildings. For example, it can effectively achieve better effects such as reconstruction and expansion; it can effectively avoid the waste of materials, and have an environmental protection effect.