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Design and manufacture of dry coal shed and dome coal storage


With the rapid development of social economy, the demand for the entire energy has increased sharply, and the design of dry coal sheds in power plants is also increasing. The use of space structure in power plant dry coal shed project is developed in recent years. At present, there are hundreds of large span dry coal shed projects built around the country. Among them, the double-row support construction projects include: Hefei II Power Plant Dry Coal Shed Project, the project span is 90m, the design adopts the square pyramid three-center circle welded ball space frame, and the Taizhou dome coal bunker (span 80.1m, length 82.2m) adopts a cylindrical reticulated shell with a broken line in the longitudinal direction. Currently, the dry coal shed projects that have been built or are under construction mainly adopt the double-support structure.

The engineering design uses a bolted ball space frame. The top chord space spacing is 3.5m , the bottom chord grid is 3m, and the mesh shell thickness is 3 meters. The main advantages of using bolted ball joints are as follows: A large number of bolted ball joints are manufactured in the factory, and the quality of the project is guaranteed. On-site installation works are small, and small units can be used to assemble, and the quality is guaranteed; welded grids On-site welding works are large, and the welding quality requirements are high, the construction period is long, and the strength is not easy to guarantee. The bolted ball space frame is adopted, the bolt ball ball is small, the thickness of the space frame is thin, and the appearance is beautiful. The large-span power plant dry coal shed adopts the space frame structure. The single-row support is used to constrain the steel consumption than the double-row support. About %-10%, saving about 10-15% of the entire project cost.