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Requirements for technical personnel during construction of bolted ball space frame


The bolted ball space frame is actually cut with the HID-900MTS CNC pipe intersecting wire cutting machine, and the cutting quality meets the technical standards of the space frame. During the construction, some requirements were also put forward to the construction personnel. The requirements of the technicians during the construction of the bolted ball space frame are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to have comprehensive technical skills in the design, manufacture and installation of the bolted ball space frame. It is required that there should be multiple large-scale steel structure works in the design. The basic content and characteristics of the three bolted ball space framesteel structure design codes promulgated in different periods should be clearly understood. Proficient in the production technology of steel structure. Familiar with the law of welding deformation and welding shrinkage. And can accurately calculate the amount of welding shrinkage. Proficient in all kinds of steel structure processing technology and tooling design.
  2. It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and grasp of its structural characteristics for the tower crane used in the high-rise bolted ball space frame Proficiently calculate the combined displacement of the tower crane’s tower body, boom, and hoisting wire rope during fixed-point assembly, including the horizontal and vertical action surfaces.
  3. The design and application of herringbone poles, gantry poles, single angle poles, lingji poles, and tripods are required. The design, calculation and selection of the rigging of the hoisting machine can be carried out quickly without the help of any books and materials. Regarding the installation technical problems of the bolted ball space frame structure on the site, one to three solutions to the problem and construction requirements can be quickly proposed.