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How to effectively reduce the use of materials in the installation of steel space frame structure


Now everyone pays attention to the installation of steel space frame structure. People hope that the installation can be used effectively and rationally, and the effect of reducing materials can be achieved. But we must also pay attention to each different aspect, which is more critical. In the installation process of steel space frame structure, the choice of building area should first be paid attention to. Because in the process of construction, there should be a corresponding ratio between length and width. This can effectively reduce the use of materials to a certain extent, and at the same time can effectively reduce the bearing capacity of the support, which can achieve the effect of reducing the support. If the size of the building is 60×50 meters, then 50 meters should be used as the span when constructing the steel space frame structure.

The installation of steel space frame structure also needs to focus on a reasonable span. Different production processes, even the functions used, will also affect the span of the plant roofing. However, in order to be able to effectively reduce the economy, you also need to satisfy yourself as much as possible while setting the span at a reasonable height. Under normal circumstances, this scheme can effectively save more space. The price of basic input is relatively low, and it will also have considerable comprehensive benefits. After a lot of calculations, it is found that it can bring a good use effect to a certain extent. Therefore, in the process of choosing construction, people should not blindly pursue a large span. This has no practical effect.