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Is the space frame structure suitable for agricultural development?


The development speed of the space frame structure is very fast now. We can see the space frame structure in many fields. Whether it is some personal houses or some public places, there are space frames. So can the space frame structure be applied to agricultural development?

In fact, the space frame structure can be widely used in agricultural development, because compared to the traditional bamboo pole greenhouse, the space frame greenhouse is more suitable for modern development. Although the construction cost of bamboo canopy is relatively low, the life span of bamboo canopy is relatively short. And when dealing with bad natural weather, it is likely to cause big losses. So now in order to better deal with this situation, the emergence of space frame greenhouses has solved many problems. When dealing with harsh environments, the toughness of the space frame canopy will be higher. So it can better ensure the quality. In this way, the service life of the greenhouse can be increased. Therefore, space frame construction can be widely used in agricultural construction, and in the process of continuous development and improvement of space frame construction, it can also make new progress in agricultural development.

Of course, it is not only the space frame greenhouse, but the space frame structure may also have other applications in agricultural development. We need to continue to explore the potential of space frame structure buildings.