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Basic Provisions for Sealing and Waterproofing Joints of Steel Structure Space Frame Roofs


We often encounter the sealing problem of the steel structure space frame roof when we are doing projects. If the construction is a little careless, it will cause the roof leakage problem, which will directly affect the quality of the entire project, and bring great losses to the owner and the construction party. Based on years of construction experience, I have summarized the following two points to control roof leakage:

First, the base layer of the sealed and waterproof part should meet the following requirements:

  1. The layer should be firm, the surface should be flat and dense, and there should be no honeycomb, pockmarked surface, peeling and sanding phenomenon;
  2. Before embedding the sealing material, the base layer should be clean and dry;
  3. The sealing material that has been embedded should avoid damage and pollution; it should not be stepped on before curing;

Second, the sealing and waterproofing of structural roof joints is suitable for the sealing treatment of steel structure waterproofing projects, and is used in conjunction with coiled waterproof steel structures, coated waterproof steel structures, and rigid waterproof steel structures.

The methods I mentioned above can effectively solve the water leakage problem. If you have other network frame problems, please contact my email:, and I will timely answer your confusion.